News 27 October 2015

Met police launch “targeted stop and search” policy to help combat knife crime

27 October 2015

The initiative has been implemented after the latest statistics show there has been a 21% increase in knife crime from last year after years of the figure falling.

Last week Met chief Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe and Home Secretary Theresa May clashed over the use of stop and search powers in London.

Mrs May, who has reduced the number of stop and searches in London, accused Sir Bernard of a “knee-jerk reaction” after he claimed knife crime was on the rise because of her relaxed stance on the issue.

Despite Mrs May stance on the issue, the Met have began a week-long programme to target stabbings using key tactics of “focused” stop and searches in gang ridden neighbourhoods.

Officers will carry out checks on shops and online stores selling knives to children amid concern over gangs arming themselves with so-called “zombie slayer” weapons.

The operation is the second launched by the Met this year after “Sceptre” was enforced during the summer.

Kevin Southworth, the head of Trident Gang Command said: “Our summer operation had a significant impact, with more than 900 knives recovered and over 270 arrest.

“For this reason we are running a second tranche to coincide with half-term, where we will again be looking to reduce the number of knives in circulation.”

A 23-year-old man is in critical condition after being stabbed in Hackney on Saturday. Another two men are also recovering in hospital after stabbings in Twickenham yesterday.