Music Videos 16 August 2016
Author: Abby

Mic Righteous reveals video to “2005”

Author Abby
16 August 2016

Mic Righteous has released the video to “2005” in the run-up to his album drop, giving a new lease of life to a beautifully written track which was initially released last year. 

In “2005”, Mic Righteous painstakingly articulates how he came up against barriers in his journey to getting recognised as an artist, with a lack of access to recording equipment, battling drug problems, and overcoming a notorious family reputation.

“I left school when I was 15, no one at home to tell me ‘get clean'”, Mic Righteous raps as he describes the events of 2005, to a backdrop of his hometown, Margate.

“2005” is taken from the album Dreamland, which will be out on October 28th.

If you’re a fan of spoken word rhymes, check out Mic Righteous’ “Time To Act“, in which he addresses important debates acapella.