News 3 November 2019
Author: Jack Lynch

Mic Reckless blesses us with new album ‘Mic Righteous: I am Reckless’

3 November 2019

Mic Reckless aka Righteous has returned after a while out of the game and is back with his latest project, a 22-track album entitled Mic Righteous: I am Reckless. 

Studded with a variety of different sounds, energies, melodies and moods, this LP fits into any playlist.

Coming with raw energy and aggression within his raps, Mic Reckless channels a number of different societal issues and emotions which come together to shape this versatile and unique project.

Stand out tracks come from track six, “Yarno Freestyle”, where we hear Mic Reckless body a quick flow as his wordplay dominates the instrumental. “Die” sees a more delicate side to the artist as his melodies layer well to create a smartly created sound, highlighted by the emotion which pours out.

The fan favourite comes from track ten, “Pathways”. In this one, we get a glimpse into the diary of the artist as we hear about his heartache around the topics of love.

Take in the 22-track album, Mic Righteous: I am Reckless below, and for more from the artist, click here to see him go in on his Fire In The Booth.