News 8 June 2020

Listen To Mic Righteous’ Powerful New Album ‘Suicycle’

8 June 2020

Mic Righteous has presented us with his brand-new album entitled Suicycle.

The new album from Mic Righteous is a sincere and honest one which he uses to shed light on mental illness, released to pay tribute to his sister’s fiancée Marc Wood who committed suicide last year.

begins with the sombre track “Its Deep” which sets the tone for the rest of the record which hears Mic Righteous use his lyricism to create a powerful 15-track album.

After the album topped the iTunes Bestselling Pre-Orders charts recently, Mic Righteous delivered a heartfelt message which reads: “I’m so emotional lol your support on this one has been better than ever before and I can’t explain my gratitude, I want to tell you that with this you are not only changing my life but my family’s life and Marc’s legacy is living on in a way he would of loved!

“If that boy knew the letter he left me was in the top of the charts he would be smiling from ear to ear!!! I can just imagine that boys face. I love you Marc this is for you and this is for anybody suffering from mental illness, emotional pain is just like ordinary pain but music is the medicine and I am your physician!

“I want you to get better I want you to keep fighting! I could of given up myself but god gave me a chance to live I took that chance and produced the greatest album I have ever produced! IF YOU ARE NOT AFRAID OF THE DARKNESS, IF YOU CAN EMBRACE THE PAIN AND ALLOW IT TO BRING THE SPIRIT OUT OF YOU THEN LETS HAVE A DAY WHERE WE MAKE SOME SERIOUS NOISE!!!! AND SHOW THE WORLD.”

Be sure to listen to Suicycle below.