Videos 17 November 2020

Watch Episode 1 Of Michael Dapaah’s Hilarious ‘Patrick’s Inspections’

17 November 2020

Comedic star Michael Dapaah is back with some new content for us in the form of Patrick’s Inspections.

Dapaah’s much-loved Patrick character first appeared in his popular #SWIL series where he provided us with laughs by takling his role as a Community Support Officer a bit too seriously. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, Patrick is now a ‘C-19 Safety Compliance Officer’ where he carries out random checks in people’s homes to ensure they are “abiding by the rules of Boris”.

Visored up, episode 1 of Patrick’s Inspections sees Patrick head to a family home to make sure everything’s Covid secure, sanitising everything and everyone in sight and hilariously checking every corner of the house.

Watch Patrick’s Inspections in the video above!