News 11 August 2019

Are Microsoft releasing a handheld portable Xbox?

11 August 2019

Microsoft filed an exclusive right last month which reveals plans for controllers that will transform smartphones into handhold Xbox consoles.

This could be the systems first gaming on the go experience and the design aims to combat issues experienced by gamers using other touchscreen devices that are currently on the market. The notable issues include slipping fingers, obscured display and cramped space.

The new device will feature a widescreen and buttons in order to prevent such issues from ruining the gaming experience.

Using the descriptions given in Microsoft’s patent filing, designer Sarang Sheth from Yanko Designs made some mockups of the device so gamers can visualise the new product. Check out another image below.

GRM Daily

The mock-ups make the device look similar to the Nintendo Switch but this device will focus on enabling the Project xCloud video game streaming service on mobile phones. This brings Microsoft into direct competition with Google’s Stadia.

As we wait for an official announcement on this new handheld Xbox, click here to find out about the new next-gen Xbox, Project Scarlett.