News Videos 9 January 2017
Author: Seth P

Mike Tyson is apparently training Chris Brown to bite off Soulja Boy’s ear

9 January 2017

Over recent years we’ve become so accustomed to celebrities beefing almost to the point of desensitization. Gone are the days of Tupac and BIG, Nas and Jay.

Nowadays the business savvy celebrities have cottoned on to the huge amount of promo they can get from starting beef with one of their contemporaries and the emergence of social media has made it easier than ever to start something. Unfortunately for them, most of us have realised that these so called “beefs” are often manufactured.

The latest in this trend of celebrity beefs is of course Soulja Boy vs Chris Brown. However, rather than follow the beaten path of trading diss tracks (which would have most likely made for terrible listening anyways), they have actually agreed to get in the ring and fight each other, sort of like a real life Celebrity Deathmatch.

With Floyd Mayweather reportedly training Soulja Boy for the bout, which is set to take place in March, another boxing legend has thrown his hat into the ring and agreed to train Chris Brown; Iron Mike Tyson.

In true Tyson fashion he claimed thats he would teach Chris Brown every dirty trick in the book to knock Soulja Boy out, including recreating his infamous clash with Evander Holyfield and biting off his ear.

He followed by saying one thing he won’t do is teach him how to run away, most definitely aimed at Floyd. This is about to get interesting.