Music Videos 7 March 2016
Author: Elle SM

PREMIERE: Birmingham grime collective MM drop video for “Things I Need” feat. Ivery Woods

Author Elle SM
7 March 2016

Grime collective MM reformed from a Birmingham six-member secondary school group called Merky Movements. Triple B, K Man, Hulio, Talented T, Slim and Skittles were always serious about their music, despite their age, and had enviable success at radio and with fans at live shows.

Merky Movements gained the notice & appreciation of the BBC and various trendsetting blogs and seemed set to trail-blaze for the Birmingham grime scene. Sadly, trouble seemed to follow the group and adversity meant each member had to grow up fast. They put their music on standby, but steadily built life experiences which would later influence their lyrics.

The group couldn’t keep away from making music for long and they officially reformed in 2015 with the new name MM. They now consist of Slim, K-Man, Skittles (now SK) and Triple B.

Back with their first offering, “Things I Need” featuring Ivory Woods (from the 2000 & Triple Records family), which has gained nationwide support, the collective finally release the visuals for their debut track.

Check out the video for “Things I Need” above.