Spotlight 25 July 2016

Modern Day Life by Lil Antz

25 July 2016

Modern Day Life poem/ spoken word piece:


I’ve been born in an era

Where love is a crime

Where everything is illegal

When everyone has done time

When money is a blessing

And everyone’s buried in soil

When the world is corrupt

And blood will always boil

When street names mean wars

When colours meant pride

When you think your best friend

Will always stay by your side

The government are criminals

The monarchy is a shamble

When everyone grows up

To drink and to gamble

Young people turn to drugs

Act wasted and get high

Then they don’t realise

How many people always die

Stabbings are frequent

The education system is a Mess

All these young teenagers

Self harming because of stress

Sometimes happy or sad

Angry or depressed

Always getting judged

By how they look and how they dress

Society is so ugly

But lifts its head up proud

They’re happy to be delinquents

To stand out from the crowd

All these wannabe road-man

Acting big and acting hard

When their mum is claiming benefits

And struggling with their yard

No one realises

How times are changing fast

They need to realise quickly

Before they die at last