News 27 February 2019

Police Issue Warning Over the Sick & Twisted ‘Momo Challenge’

27 February 2019

Warnings have been issued about a creepy online craze that encourages young children to harm themselves and others.

As you can see from the image, “Momo” is a large frighting figurine that is striking even to grown adults. Sickeningly, this image is being shared among children on WhatsApp, Facebook and YouTube, even appearing between clips of Peppa Pig.

The tormentors behind this are enticing and scaring children into committing vulgar challenges, threatening them with violence if they refuse the participate. 

Whilst parents believe children are safe watching scenes of Peppa Pig and Fortnite on YouTube, video clips of “Momo” are being spliced into the videos. It’s from here they’re threatened into contacting the number on WhatsApp and the people behind the clip directly contact the child. 

Parents have reported that their children have been bombarded with violent images, direct threats and sick dares. Police have officially warned that it is also a clear form of harvesting information by hackers.  

Either way, the sick and twisted culprits behind this need to be found and dealt with.

Be extra vigilant with what young children around you are viewing and keep an eye out on GRM Daily for any updates.