News 18 April 2023

“Most boring place on Earth” revealed by Londoner who walked across city for 5 hours for no reason

18 April 2023

Londoner and TikTok user @evieonamission took a nearly five-hour walk from South to North London for no reason and documented it on the social media platform.

During her journey, she says she discovered a new perspective on the city, as well as what she deemed the “most boring place on Earth”.

Starting at Oval station, she walked through Elephant and Castle, over London Bridge, through Shoreditch, up Kingsland Road to Dalston, then Stoke Newington, Tottenham and finishing in Edmonton.

She says in the video she realised that “maybe London is not bad vibes, maybe I’m bad vibes because as I was walking through, I was like ‘wow, London is so beautiful’ and there were loads of people that were hugging, laughing taking pictures and I was thinking what side of London is this because this is not what I’m used to.”

She didn’t have such kind words for one area though, saying, “I also deeped North London is the most boring place on Earth. There wasn’t even that much content I could capture; it’s just train stations, roads, shops, and that’s it.”

At the end of the video, Evie shared the stats of her journey, which took four hours and 48 minutes, needed 30,401 steps and burned 1,351 calories.

[Image via Shutterstock]