News 19 September 2016
Author: Alex Griffin

Mourinho had some VERY harsh words for his United players

19 September 2016

Manchester United slumped to a 3-1 defeat away to Watford yesterday, as Zlatan, Pogba and co failed to impress again.

Fans were pretty p*ssed about the turn out from their team, as you can probably imagine, but United manager Jose Mourinho probably had the most scathing assessment of their performance.

He suggested his players may be crumbling under the pressure, something no professional baller is going to want to hear.

He said, “Some individuals probably feel the pressure and responsibility too much. We started the season very well. But was I thinking that my team was ready, perfect, unbeatable? Not at all.

“I was completely aware that we were not perfect, with lots of players who are not end products and can make their own mistakes.”

After slipping to defeats in the Manchester derby and against Feyenoord and now Watford, this marks the first time Mourinho has lost three consecutive games since 2002 with Porto.