News 12 September 2019

MPs Call For Ban On FIFA & Fortnite Loot Boxes

12 September 2019

Today is #NationalVideoGameDay and ironically, MPs have revealed plans which could drastically change the video gaming world.

MPs from the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee have suggested loot boxes like those found on games such as FIFA and Fortnite should be banned for young children, as well as regulating the boxes under the Gambling Act.

Loot boxes enable gamers to buy unspecified items which could be of huge value through in-game spending, such as packs on FIFA Ultimate Team where most users hope to win the top rated players after spending money on packs.

The advice from the MPs within the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee comes after an in-depth inquiry into “addictive technologies”.

The Chair of the Committee Damian Collins said: “Loot boxes are particularly lucrative for games companies but come at a high cost, particularly for problem gamblers, while exposing children to potential harm.

“Buying a loot box is playing a game of chance and it is high time the gambling laws caught up. We challenge the government to explain why loot boxes should be exempt from the Gambling Act.”

The Committee have also urged gaming companies to introduce age verification tools to enforce bans on loot boxes for young people in the future.

The gaming industry’s trade body in the UK have responded to calls to ban loot boxes, saying they would “review these recommendations with utmost seriousness.”