News 5 November 2017
Author: Nic Coaker

Is a Ms Banks & Nicki Minaj collaboration on the cards?

Author Nic Coaker
5 November 2017

Earlier today, Nicki Minaj randomly took to twitter to quote Ms Banks’ lyrics.

The lyrics which were taken from Ms Banks’ verse from Stylo G’s “Yu Zimme” all Sstar remix” have got the whole UK scene and supporters hoping for a future collaboration. 

Ms Banks seemed to have a slight fangirl moment, as she quote tweeted saying, “NICKI FUCKING MINAJ !!! IM SCREAMING”. To which Nicki replied, “Yu Zimme?”

Throughout the day, Ms Banks has been tweeting about how crazy it is to be acknowledged by an artist she grew up listening to and thanking everyone for their supportive messages. 

A Nicki and Ms Banks collab would definitely be a step further to the urban UK music scene being truly appreciated in America.