News 12 September 2018

Classic show Yo! MTV Raps set to launch in the UK

12 September 2018

Following the Yo! MTV Raps 30th Anniversary Experience earlier this year; MTV international announces a relaunch of the legendary hip-hop franchise. 

Debuting in August 1988, the franchise was a staple in the Hip Hop scene and played a huge role in the rise and prevalence of rap music worldwide. The relaunch will see versions of MTV Raps in the UK, Germany, Southeast Asia and Africa – all compromised of 20 episodes with the potential for more. 

The UK spin off will be the first to drop, with the release being date set as September 25th. Other versions will be debut next year and is set to be hosted by Snoochie Shy and Poet.

MTV stated, “Our re-imagined Yo! MTV Raps series will celebrate all aspects of hip hop culture and the global force it has become.  Music will of course be at the heart of each episode.”

MTV International’s global head of music and talent Bruce Gillmer said in a statement, “Relaunching this legendary franchise with local perspectives will give today’s generation of hip hop lovers a fresh platform to share their passion and love for hip hop all over the world.”

Notably, a US relaunch of the show is yet to be fully confirmed. However the 30th Anniversary Experience which was held at at the Barclays Center in New York featured a star-studded line up with many of the artists having been previously spotlighted on the series was the first taste of the shows reinvention. 

Look forward to the Yo! MTV Raps UK edition, this September!