News Videos 4 September 2016
Author: Seth P

MTV just broke a new World Record…

4 September 2016

To promote the 2016 VMA’s, MTV broke a brand new Guinness World Record. As you can imagine, there are some truly weird, wonderful and bizarre world records out there.

The world record that they broke wasn’t actually that weird. They topped the previous record for… the largest aerial projection in the world.

Kind of overwhelming right?

Maybe, but when you watch the video and get a look at just how big it actually is, you start to realize that what they have achieved is no mean feat!

Military-grade helicopters had to be used in order to fly the projector across the Hudson River. The screen is an awe inspiring 250 feet wide, which makes it almost as wide as the Statue Of Liberty is tall.

Watch the video above and see for yourself just how cool it really is!