News 26 May 2017
Author: Trudy Barry

Mum & daughter humiliated in the maddest prank at local pound shop

Author Trudy Barry
26 May 2017

A mum and daughter were subject to a bizarre prank at their local Poundworld recently.

Naomi and her mum Pamela were doing some pre-holiday essentials shopping in their nearest quid bargain palace, when they were informed by the shop’s staff that they had been selected to take part in a competition – with big cash prizes to be won.

Truthfully, the staff had been duped too. The pranksters had called the shop pretending to be from a charity in Ireland, saying that the shop needed to be closed for a “team training exercise” and that whatever customers inside at the time were needed for the exercise.

The caller then instructed the staff to do increasingly strange and humiliating things to the mum and daughter including tying string around their ears, throwing water on them, calling them “ugly beasts” and, the most mad, riding them around the store likes horses.

After two hours the “training exercise” ended and the pair left the store, before being phoned on their mobiles and told if they went back they could win more money. However in the meantime the staff at the store had called head office and realised the whole thing was a hoax.

Naomi has said that her and her mum are both “too scared to go into Poundworld now.”

The pair has now vowed to sue the pound giant as the only consolation they received from the store was an apology and a £200 voucher. To be fair, you could buy bare stuff in Poundworld with two bill.