Videos 8 November 2020

Munya Chawawa becomes ElectioNelly in new US Election parody track “Bide With Me”

8 November 2020

Munya Chawawa is back with another piece of contextual comedy and this offering sees Munya become ElectioNelly with a remix to Nelly’s hit “Ride With Me” dubbed “Bide With Me”.

Borrowing the instrumental to the track and remimaging the lyrics to recall the events of the US Election, the track is a humourous release that reflects on Trump’s term in office and Biden’s election which will see him become America’s 46th president. 

Dressed in costume that hilariously pays homage to Nelly, Munya has struck gold again with this one as he continues to be innovative with his content. 

Take in “Bide With Me” above.