Videos 11 November 2021
Author: Courtney W

Murkage Dave Returns With 2 New Singles “Awful Things” & “Please Don’t Move To London It’s A Trap”

11 November 2021

East London singer-songwriter Murkage Dave has gifted us with two brand-new singles!

Teaming up with producer AARRT, “Awful Things” sees Murkage Dave trade vocals with Los Angeles artist Caroline Polachek to explore the contrast between being stuck in a particular mindset and the fast pace of the world.

The second offering, the Jonathan Walter-produced “Please Don’t Move To London It’s A Trap”, is a minimalistic solo track that Dave uses to describe what he sees in his hometown; particularly the changes over the years.

Speaking on “Please Don’t Move To London It’s A Trap”, Dave said: “I find that people either paint London as some kind of warzone, like there’s missiles going off every minute, or they want to airbrush out all the crud on some Hugh Grant s**t like everyone is just sitting around drinking organic wine in Michelin star restaurants.

“I’d rather just say it as it is, it may not be as pretty a picture or maybe it doesn’t fit the stereotype that some might like to consume but I feel like I’ve gotten closer to the truth, which is all I know how to do.”

The two tracks are Murkage Dave’s first solo material since releasing the special edition of his debut album, Murkage Dave Changed My Life back in 2019 and hopefully we receive even more music from the singer in 2022.

Take in “Awful Things” above before listening to “Please Don’t Move To London It’s A Trap” below.