News 4 June 2016

The music industry reacts to Muhammad Ali’s death

4 June 2016

2016 is just not being kind to us. Last night, Muhammad Ali was sadly added to the list of legends that have passed away this year. Since the news broke, tributes from figures in music have poured in.

We all know how much of a boxing great Ali was, but have you heard the theory that Muhammad Ali helped create rap music? The documentary ‘Ali Raps’ which is narrated by Public Enemy’s Chuck D, explores the idea that unknowingly, rap was originated in Kentucky in the 60’s as apposed to the Bronx in the 70’s.

Bizarre theory right? Regardless of whether this is true or not, the 3 time heavyweight champion of the world definitely made an impact on the music industry. Check some tributes below:

Puffy also revealed that he has a tattoo of Ali’s signature on his chest.

Snoop Tweeted a series of pictures, thanking Ali for his ‘motivation and inspiration’

Hailing from Ali’s hometown, Bryson Tiller had this to say;


This side of the pond, DJ Semtex posted this front cover of ‘Superman Vs Muhammad Ali’ published by DC Comics in 1978.

With Stormzy posting this message on Twitter

Kano posted this tribute on Instagram, ‘He stood up for himself and spoke up for us all.’

Rest in peace Champ.