News 30 June 2016

Syrian refugee defies haters in act of unbelievable selflessness

30 June 2016

Syrian refugees have been at the centre of Western media coverage for well over a year now.

Their war-torn country has been ripped apart since the civil war that started in 2011. Caught in a fight amidst numerous rival armies, including ISIS, hundreds of thousands of Syrians have been displaced from their homes. Many of them have attempted to come to Europe.

Despite their dire situation, Katie Hopkins labelled these refugees “cockroaches” as reports filtered in of an illegal refugee ship capsizing as it crossed the Mediterranean, drowning 700. Amidst the Referendum debate, Britain also refused to take any more than the bare minimum of refugees, passing the buck to other nations like Germany.

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At the heart of all of this is fear of difference, and the belief that when new immigrants arrive, they scrounge from our welfare system. Islamophobia also plays a part, with many Westerners scorning Muslims because of the actions of fundamentalists.

The extraordinary selflessness and humility of a Muslim refugee this week will hopefully make these people think twice on those presumptions.

In Minden, Germany a few days ago, a Syrian refugee handed in €150 000 that he discovered in his new flat to the authorities. The money was found in a secret compartment of a new wardrobe, and consisted of €100 000 in savings books and €50 000 in cash.

Muhannad M. checked online to see if the money was real, and when he realised it was, immediately told the migrant authorities, who then told the police.

“Allah would never allow me to finance my own interests with someone else’s wealth,” he said.

A police spokesperson said “This young man has acted in an exemplary way and deserves great respect.”

The unbelievable act of selflessness certainly deserves respect, particularly from those who have showed such little compassion in the face of the humanitarian disaster in Syria.

By SJRip