Exclusives 22 June 2022

GRM Exclusive: 9 Essential N-Dubz Tracks

22 June 2022

After an 11-year hiatus from music, North West London’s legendary N-Dubz are back, as they prepare for an epic reunion tour which is set to be a throwback night for the group and their ever-growing fanbase. 

Their status was at an all-time high after reaching the heights of number 1 in the charts, sold-out tours and having their own televised documentary before parting ways to make successes of their solo careers. 

Recognised for the effective combination of storytelling, iconic adlibs and harmonies, Dappy, Tulisa and Fazer can see the vision once more, and performing to the raptures of 20,000 at the 02 Area will be a perfect throwback to re-live once November comes calling. 

Having just released their new single befitting the summer season in “Charmer”, this is the perfect time to delve back into the past and relive some of the group’s most noticeable tracks to date. From the iconic stories told on “I Swear” to game-changer hits like “Number 1”, we look at nine of N-Dubz most essential tracks that lead them to stardom. 

“Better Not Waste My Time” 

Where else to start but with the debut offering which caught everyone’s attention. Their first single was a breath of fresh air for the UK scene, as the trio showed versatility with the use of mixing hard-hitting bars and harmonies. Their debut would set the tone for their string of big releases that would follow.  

I Swear” 

Following on from their buzz of first single “Better Not Waste My Time”, “I Swear” would be another iconic cut from their debut album Uncle B. The group’s art for storytelling was shown in full effect as they painted several pictures of a toxic relationship throughout. The legendary visuals would go on to be one of Channel U’s most requested tracks!  

Defeat You” (Feat. Chip) 

Calling upon the clash king for this essential hit was only right. “Defeat You” was a statement track which showed N-Dubz were amongst the elite in the country as they mixed it up with Chip.  

Papa Can You Hear Me” 

With the groups strong connection stemming from Dappy and Tulisa being related, N-Dubz felt the pain as a collective when they sadly lost Dappy’s father who was the inspiration behind their first album. Homage was paid on “Papa Can You Hear Me” as Dappy, Tulisa and Fazer reminisce on good times and how Uncle B helped shape them into the team they are.  


The gifted group gave fans another story of heartbreak, as Tulisa takes the lead on “Ouch”. Pain and regret are held heavy to the head as we are given a continuation to the iconic “I Swear” as N-Dubz showcase their consistency once more. 

I Need You” 

Taken from the sophomore album Against All Odds, this would go on to be another standout hit from N-Dubz whose stock was rising. “I Need You” showed an evolution to the group who now knew who their audience were, solidifying a top 5 position in the UK charts which wouldn’t be their last. 

Number One” – Tinchy Stryder (Feat. N-Dubz) 

The group’s most successful hit to date, which ironically gave them their first number one! Connecting with Bow’s star in the hood Tinchy Stryder was a career highlight for everyone involved, perfectly complimenting each other as the UK scene started to develop from its underground sound to more mainstream. 

Playing With Fire” Feat Mr Hudson 

N-Dubz joined forced with Brum raised singer Mr Hudson on this classic track. Mr Hudson of course went onto conquer the world, after getting signed to Kanye’s GOOD Music record label, and working on tracks with the legendary Jay-Z. Before all that, him and N-Dubz came together to give us one of their biggest hits to date.

So Alive” (Feat. Skepta) 

N-Dubz showcased their ability to mix it up once again as they went toe-to-toe with the microphone champion, who was starting to make his own wave in the scene. “So Alive” had a presidential feel from its first play, as the Skepta produced anthem saw Dappy and Fazer in their lyrical bag proving once more they can broaden their sound at any time.