News 17 September 2017
Author: Rebecca Rose

‘Narcos’ location scout murdered in Mexico

17 September 2017

It has been revealed that an established location scout manager for hit Netflix show Narcos was found murdered on Monday.

Carlos Muñoz Portal’s body was covered in bullet wounds when he was found alongside his car in a remote area of  San Bartolo Actopan near the borders of Hidalgo state, which is said to have one of the highest murder rates in Mexico. There were 182 murders in the state in July alone.

Netflix said in a statement, “We are aware of the death of Carlos Muñoz Portal, a respected location manager, and offer our condolences to his relatives. The facts are still unknown as authorities continue to investigate what happened”

He was travelling alone at the time of his murder, so details on what happened here are sparse. Mexican police have also added they have no witnesses due to the remote location that it took place.

The 37 year old had also worked on films such as Spectre, Man On Fire and Apocalypto.

It has been said that workers in Mexico’s film industry are now worried that filming will now be cancelled in Mexico and return to Colombia where prior series have been filmed.