News 6 March 2017
Author: Alex Griffin

Netflix have announced a game changer

6 March 2017

This week, bosses at TV and film streaming service Netflix announced a brand new game changing feature.

They have stated that they are working on making all of their content available to download for users, in a bid to quell frustrations that only certain shows and movies can be saved.

Reed Hastings, chief executive of the streaming service, said, “Every year we will get more rights to [make content downloadable].”

“With all of our originals we have all those rights and if half your life is on aeroplanes we want at least half our content to be downloadable, which it is already.”

“We kick ourselves for not being more progressive about it a few years ago,” said chief content officer Ted Sarandos, “Things like the Marvel series are not on there but we will get that done.”

They also added that Netflix are looking to reach older people with the acquisition of more shows aimed at people in the 30 plus bracket.