News 3 September 2019

Netflix To Trial Releasing Episodes On A Weekly Basis

3 September 2019

The days of binge-watching may be coming to an end as Netflix is set to try out a per-week release model for its original shows.

The new model is set to start with Netflix’s The Great British Baking Show and Rhythm & Flow – which stars Cardi B, Chance the Rapper and T.I.

Netflix’s decision to stop releasing episodes all at once is believed to keep the suspense up for its reality competitions.

In the past, previous seasons of The Great British Baking Show have seen every episode being released on the same date but at current, the latest season is showing one available while future episodes are currently unavailable – with their release dates being displayed next to them.

Rhythm & Flow
, on the other hand, will release the first four episodes on October 9, with episodes 5 to 7 following on October 16 before episodes 8 to 10 are made available on October 23.

Disney’s new streaming platform Disney+ has a similar model, reducing the likeliness of spoilers for those who prefer to watch shows more slowly.

Will the per-week release model completely replace the much-loved binge-watch model for Netflix Originals in the future? We’ll have to wait and see.