News 12 April 2020

Netflix release bonus episode of ‘Tiger King’

12 April 2020

Netflix have dropped a bonus episode of the bizarre phenomenon that is Tiger King.

If you haven’t heard about this show, then I don’t know where you’ve been. We have all seen our social media riddled with pictures and memes revolving around Joe Exotic and Carol Baskin, both big individuals from the show.

The show was originally released as a seven-part docu-series, but due to the massive fan reception that it has received, it has been given an additional ‘aftershow’ episode. This episode was released earlier today (April 12th) and was cleverly announced previously by another key personality from the show, Jeff Lowe.

This episode is hosted by the star of the hit show Community, Joel McHale and will follow a different format to the rest of the series.

Episode 8 features an array of unseen interviews from other individuals that are part of the show, including; former campaign manager – Joshua Dial, Joe Exotic’s ex-husband – John Finlay and former G.W. Zoo manager John Reinke to name a few.

Fans will be disappointed to hear that both Joe Exotic and Carol Baskin do not feature in these interviews, although we are still gifted with the appearance of the infamous Jeff Lowe. 

Episode eight of Tiger King is available to stream on Netflix now. For more streaming content, take in our Lockdown streaming guide.