Crep Check News 7 March 2015
Author: Bernie Mac

New app that will change the way you cop sneakers! #CREPCHECK

7 March 2015

2014 was a great year for sneakers in the UK and Europe. The Sole Supplier was born in an effort to feed the growing market of sneakerheads with up-to-date information on sneaker release dates, news and culture. Over 300,000 monthly visitors now use the website to find confirmed stockists and links for the best releases in town.

Fast-forward a year and 2015 sees the next step for the company… the launch of The Sole Supplier App.

The app allows users to browse sneakers quickly and efficiently and also comes imbued with a range of brand-new features including: release reminders, save your favourite pairs and restock notifications.

A zero-personality reminder service this is NOT.

The Sole Supplier App doesn’t just nudge you when must-have sneaks go on release, it provides the right environment to scope out your next target and swap ideas, passions and preferences with fellow sneaker professionals.

Like we said, it’s the app that could change the way you buy sneakers forever.

“The Sole Supplier provide the UK and Europe with an abundance of good information on sneaker releases. It has been great working with them and we are very excited for the app launch.” Simon Lister, marketing manager at END.

You can download the app for FREE NOW via the App Store and it remains compatible with iOS 7 through to the latest iOS 8.1.2.