News 17 February 2021
Author: Courtney W

Here Are The Brand-New Emojis Coming To Apple Devices Soon

17 February 2021

With iOS 14.5 out soon, the emojis which will be included in the Apple update have now been revealed.

Among the new batch of emojis are gender neutral couples, a flaming heart, a mended heart, as well as new facial expressions such as “Exhaling Face,” “Face with Spiral Eyes,” and “Face in Clouds”.

We will also see a few redesigned emojis such as the syringe, the climbing emoji and headphones which are made to look like the AirPods Max.

iOS 14.5 will also see more options for memojis, with Apple adding new hairstyles and accessories such as face masks, durags, nurse caps, cyclist helmets and more.

Check out the new emojis coming to iOS 14.5 in the coming weeks below!

New couple emojis with skin variant combinations.nbsp
Brand new emojis for iOS 14.5.
Redesigned emojis for iOS 14.5.
Memoji updates for iOS 14  including durags face coverings fades waves and the new virtual hug.