News 2 May 2017
Author: Seth P

The London bus routes are about to get a whole lot easier

2 May 2017

Everyone’s favourite mayor Sadiq Khan is continuing his promises to fix up London’s transport system.

First it was the 24 hour tubes, and now he is aiming to make it easier for us to navigate our way around London on the bus. Bus routes can often be an enigma, if you don’t already know the route it can be difficult to tell where the bus is going once you’re already on.

So to alleviate this problem the London mayor plans to roll out new bus mapping systems similar to colour coded ones already in use on the Underground. The pilot scheme will be taking across parts of East London with more than 60 buses covering routes through Romford, Illford, Loughton, Barking and Walthamstow. As well as colour coded routes, the main stops of the route will be shown on the outside of the bus, so you will easily be able to tell if it’s going your way.

Sadiq Khan commented on the new mapping system saying: “It’s no secret that London’s bus service has always been close to my heart, and I’m working hard to make it as accessible, affordable and easy to use as possible for all.”

The Mayor said, “By bringing these new distinctive route colours to areas of the network, we’re making it as easy to navigate areas of London by bus as it is by tube. It’s another key part in our efforts to encourage Londoners to take to the bus and help us tackle congestion, air pollution and make our city better for everyone.”

Hopefully if all goes well the system could be rolled out across all London boroughs.