News 3 February 2017
Author: Cam Donald

New Music Friday: The best of Spotify [003]

Author Cam Donald
3 February 2017

This week’s New Music Friday is dominated by Stormzy’s monstrous comeback single “Big For Your Boots” (see also: Bewts) from his debut album – the amazingly titled Gang Signs and Prayer. Other inclusions in this week’s Spotify playlist come from Sampha, Solo 45 with Jme & Vida Sunshyne, Grim Sickers & Jme, Big Sean & Eminem, Jeremih with Chris Brown & Big Sean, Jidenna & Quavo, Mariah Carey & YG and Fetty Wap & Monty. That’s a lot of features.

Stormzy – “Big For Your Boots”


Having already amassed over 300,000 views on YouTube since the track’s release yesterday, “Big For Your Boots” is a real Stormzy track through and through. Provocative and confidently delivered, the new single is a triumphant comeback for the South London MC. With a British Breakthrough Act nomination at this year’s BRIT Awards, Stormz is gunning for the crown and Gang Signs and Prayer is one of this year’s most anticipated albums. If every track is like “Big For Your Boots” then Stormzy fans are in for an album they can rinse without regrets.

Sampha – “Under”


Drake collaborator Sampha makes an entry into this week’s playlist with “Under”, a soulful track littered with passion. The beat isn’t as smooth as you’d think it’d be on a Sampha track, but it’s a cool juxtaposition from the singer’s haunting vocals. There’s a certain aggression behind “Under” and it’s water-based imagery. Sampha sings “Waves come crashing over me” emphatically – an awesome track; very different from the usual sort of songs Sampha delivers.

Solo 45 – “Higher” (ft. JME & Vida Sunshyne)


This dance-infused track is bouncy with some 8-bit sounding synths and a cool sub leading the beat. Solo 45’s delivery is mad and the hook is vibey. Jme comes through just like you’d expect him to, with a classic “Well, well, well…” adlib ringing through his voice. This track would do bits in the rave, for sure.

Grim Sickers – “Kane” (ft. Jme)


After a long process of promoting his memorable single “Kane” across radio sets and raves over the past few months, Grim Sickers has now raised the levels with the remix. His one line flow is the obvious centre point of the tune and provides both hard hitting bars and laughs in equal measure, but this time, Jme comes along for a guest verse too.

Big Sean – “No Favors” (ft. Eminem)

 Appearing early on the album, “No Favors” features a tame beat that both Sean and Em’ body. The hook is cool, the looped piano riff is dope and the schemes and flows delivered by both artists on this track are incredible. Sean comes through on this track, for sure, but you just can’t best Em.

Jeremih – “I Think Of You” (ft. Chris Brown)

Another Big Sean entry into this week’s playlist comes in the form of a feature on Jeremih’s bouncy R&B tune “I Think Of You”. Jeremih’s delivery on this is dope; super smooth. You could draw comparisons between this track and some of The Weeknd’s more recent stuff. Breezy has a strong showing on this record, too. Seems like he’s still got enough time to pen a smash despite preparing for his Las Vegas boxing bout with Soulja Boy. When Sean’s verse comes in, the track switches up: it’s very melodic, but still hard.

Jidenna – “The Let Out” (ft. Quavo)

Jidenna calls in Migos rapper Quavo for this synth-led track. “The Let Out” features some very braggadocio bars from both artists as they deliver typical trap-style flows. The autotuned vocals are nicely done and the hook is dope. 

Mariah Carey – “I Don’t” (ft. YG)


This track is awesome. “I Don’t” is lead by some sick 808’s that sit really nicely with Mariah’s soulful voice. YG’s intro on the song is cool, too. Despite being very cocky in it’s tone, “I Don’t” is still super smooth and manages to balance the dirty 808 sound with Mariah’s beautifully harmonised vocal lines. YG’s verse is just as obnoxious as the beat, but he shows signs of tenderness when his more melodic flow comes back in from the intro. 

Fetty Wap – “Way You Are” (ft. Monty)

Fetty’s first release of 2017 is “Way You Are”, an uplifting track that has autotune all over it, in only the way a Fetty Wap track would have. Monty’s verse is a nice addition to the track, but the highlight comes from the clean production that sits under the messy vocal lines. Some nice stabs and synths carry the track as Fetty flows over it with some cool melodic ideas. 

Nines – “High Roller” (ft. J Hus)


Not included in the Spotify playlist, but definitely worthy of inclusion is Nines’ “High Roller”. With an infectious hook from J Hus, “High Roller” sees Nines flow effortlessly over the beat. Cocky and confident, Nines just sounds cool on this track. “High Roller” is a vibe with some really impressive visuals that were released earlier this week.