News 30 January 2017

These new Whatsapp updates are life changing

30 January 2017

There are new updates for Whatsapp, and they’re the ones we’ve all been waiting for!

The newest WhatsApp Beta for iOS has been revealed and although they haven’t been officially been confirmed, here’s a rundown of the new features:

Edit: This one’s pretty simple; it lets the user edit their sent message, but only if it hasn’t been read by the recipient. 

Recall: for all of those times you’ve drunk messaged someone you shouldn’t have…this handy feature lets you recall your message, but just like the above, only if the recipient hasn’t read the message.

Live location tracker: similar to the iPhone ‘Find My Friend’ feature, it allows you to track members in a WhatsApp group. The feature will be disabled by default, with users having to enable it through their WhatsApp settings menu. 

Reply to status: users will be allowed to reply to your status message. These updates will only be available to WhatsApp Beta testers whilst they even out all the bugs. You can become a Beta tester by signing up via the App Store.

As long as Whatsapp doesn’t start sending notifications when people screenshot, you’re all good…