News 23 November 2016
Author: Alex Griffin

Neymar could face two years in prison after corruption scandal

23 November 2016

Neymar is the latest Barcelona player to be embroiled in scandal, as the Brazilian international football player could now face a two year prison sentence.

Spanish prosecution are looking to give him the sentence, as well as fine him over $10 million for his part played in a corruption case that surrounds his transfer from Santos in 2013.

Judge Jose Perals is also seeking to prosecute former Barcelona president Sandro Rosell, as well as Neymar’s parents Neymar Sr and Nadine da Silva.

His transfer to Barcelona has been shrouded in controversy, involving a complaint from Brazilian investment group DIS who claim the club concealed the real transfer fee in order to save paying them as much money.

Despite all this, Neymar is unlikely to actually face time in jail, as Spanish law dictates that all sentences from two years and under can be suspended.

This latest scandal comes after Barcelona players Lionel Messi and Javier Mascherano were each charged with tax evasion, being hit with 21 month and 12 month sentences respectively.