News 14 May 2022

NEZSA Offloads New R&B Bop “Trouble”

14 May 2022

NEZSA has just dropped a fresh new track called “Trouble”.

Based in Canada and hailing from Nigeria, NEZSA is a rising star and her melodic R&B tracks continue to gain traction, with her past releases appearing on several editorial playlists.

A track about a toxic relationship and all that comes with them, “Trouble” houses relatable lyrics that reflect on many modern-day romantic perils.

On the track, NEZSA said, “‘Trouble’ came to me so naturally. Gbeduboss sent me the beat and I was immediately enthralled by the heavy baseline and overall dark vibe. The story is inspired by some of my own experiences, but it’s also dedicated ‘To All the Heartbreakers’, just as the EP is named. It’s a very empowering song because it’s about standing up to those who’ve hurt you and reclaiming your agency, finally showing them that you’re not weak.

“In a way, it’s dark because it seems to celebrate revenge, but I think that functions as a therapeutic form of expression in showing myself and also my listeners the extent of our capabilities”.

Take in “Trouble” on streaming platforms below.