News 16 July 2020
Author: Nadia Angel

Nick Cannon Apologises After Being Fired By MTV Over Anti-Semitism Row

16 July 2020

Nick Cannon has apologised following an anti-Semitic row after having his show Wild n Out axed by Viacom after they accused him of promoting “hateful speech” and spreading “anti-Semitic conspiracy theories”.

The host has stated in a series of tweets on Twitter that he is taking steps to reconcile with the Jewish community and educate himself by speaking to Rabbis and community leaders.

He wrote: “I just had the blessed opportunity to converse with Rabbi Abraham Cooper director of global social action @SimonWiesenthal My first words to my brother was, I apologize for the hurt I caused the Jewish Community.”

The Jewish community had expressed outrage following the “antisemitic conspiracy” comments made during Nick Cannon’s YouTube show and, as a result, Viacom axed Wild n Out.

Within the episode, Cannon referenced Jewish history, which he has since said has come from referencing literature that only magnified hateful “propaganda and stereotypical rhetoric” which has in turn hurt the Jewish community. The episode has since been deleted and Cannon did not address these comments in his apologies.

In a statement, Viacom said: “ViacomCBS condemns bigotry of any kind and we categorically denounce all forms of anti-Semitism.”

In response to Viacom’s decision, Cannon took to Facebook where he blamed oppressive and racist infrastructure. Speaking on systematic racism and the challenges it has caused for his community and is continuing to cause him in his opinion.

The post ended with Cannon demanding full ownership of his billion dollar Wild n Out brand that he created, in order to avoid misuse of his own creation.

Fox confirmed that Cannon would still be the host of The Masked Singer as they deemed apologies remorseful and that acknowledged attempts to self-educate have been apparent.