News Videos 19 November 2016
Author: Benji

Nick Cannon claims he wrote for Kanye West

Author Benji
19 November 2016

Whilst being interviewed on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, Nick Cannon made the claim that he wrote a bar for Kanye West’s verse on Rhymefest’s track “Brand New”, which West also produced.

The TV personality stated, “I ain’t never wrote no smashes, but I’ve been in the Kanye camps early on,” he said. “I was there doing “Gold Digger”. I wrote the bar for Kanye, ‘We don’t need to stunt/I make black history every day, I don’t need a month.’ That was me. Kanye’s bar. Stuff like that.”

With Kanye sometimes being scapegoated for not always writing his own lyrics, Cannon defended him in his process of making records, saying, “That’s why I love Kanye and his movement because he knows how to make great music, great songs.”

“That ego doesn’t get into the art form. He’s like, ‘If somebody say something dope, let’s get to it.’ Being a part of that process, I’ve learned so much from him in making songs because… anybody can get in front of a mic and spit bars, but to create a song, that’s a true talent.”

Cannon also took the time to reveal that he is expecting his third child with ex Brittany Bell.

You can watch the full interview above.