News Style 8 March 2017
Author: Marisa Lee

Nike has launched a Hijab collection designed by Muslim athletes

Author Marisa Lee
8 March 2017

Just in time for today’s International Women’s Day, Nike have released the details of a lightweight, polysester sports hijab, designed by Muslim athletes.

The “Nike Pro Hijab” follows Nike’s “What Will They Say About You” campaign as part of the brand’s drive to make global sports more inclusive for all women.

The design has been tested for years on female, hijab-wearing athletes with yesterday bringing the final prototype. The piece is made of durable single-layer Nike pro mesh, Nike’s most breathable fabric, and has an elongated back so it doesn’t come untucked during activities. It will come in dark, neutral colours.

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Zahra Lari, one of the campaign’s faces and an Emirati figure skater, reflects: “People may think or tell you that you can’t do certain things, but I’m going to show them you absolutely can. I am covered, I am Muslim, I am from a desert country, and I’m doing a winter sport.”

Nike+ Run Clib Coach Manal Rostom explained why the new release is so important to young Muslim girls: “There are a lot of…women and girls who are breaking barriers. For me growing up, though, I never had these women to look up to. I had to break these barriers for myself.”

The Pro Hijab will be available early 2018.