News 23 March 2019

Nike are releasing new self-lacing shoes

23 March 2019

Nike is bringing auto-lace technology to more of its trainers.

The global brand released the Adapt BB last month; the revolutionary self-lacing trainer which electronically and automatically laced itself based on the wearer’s individual walking style, foot depth and shape.

The lacing style could also be controlled via a smartphone app which allowed the colour and style to be manually changed by the user.

The shoe quickly sold out and now Nike has announced that the technology will be added to more new shoe lines in the near future.

Mike Parker, the CEO of Nike said, “Building off the successful adaptive basketball launch this quarter, we’ll expand the platform into new categories and embed the Adapt technology even further into our digital eco-system.”

More details are yet to be announced but expect sources suggest that the new lines will arrive with the new technology very soon.

The news comes after a slow third quarter for the company which has seen profits drop and stocks fall by six per cent. The company has also recently announced that they are planning to focus on innovating and revolutionising their lower end priced shoes in an effort to drive up profits where they thrive the most.

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