Videos 8 February 2020
Author: Vince

Watch Youtuber Niko Omilana try to sneak into the Jake Paul vs AnEsonGib fight

8 February 2020

YouTuber Niko Omilana is up to his antics once again, this time at the Jake Paul vs AnEsonGib fight.

The online star caused a major ruckus after two successful attempts to sneak into the Logan Paul vs KSI fight. Despite receiving a lifetime ban from Matchroom as a result of the shenanigans, the brazen prankster flew to Miami to execute another covert ringside mission.

His reputation clearly precedes him, as the fight security was on high alert and issued several severe warnings with threats of physical violence as a consequence if another gatecrash attempt was made.

With his image circulating amongst the security team members, the YouTuber realises quite quickly he will have to deploy new tactics.

Niko, dedicates to the prank as always and decides the only way to see it through is to divert and disguise.

Find out if his attempt to enter the VIP at this fight was as successful as the last time by watching the full video here.