News 10 June 2024

Is Niko Omilana running against Rishi Sunak to become an MP?

10 June 2024

In a surprising turn of events, YouTuber Niko Omilana is reportedly contesting the UK election, standing against Rishi Sunak in the Richmond and Northallerton constituency.

Omilana, renowned for his comedic skits and prank videos on YouTube, is not new to the political arena, having previously run for London Mayor in 2021. Despite finishing fifth in that race, he emerged as the leading independent candidate, showcasing his potential in the political sphere.

The news of Omilana’s candidacy was first reported by the X account PolitIcsUK, which described the election as potentially “the funniest election of all time.” The general election, set for July 4, aims to elect Members of Parliament for the House of Commons, with each of the 650 constituencies requiring one MP to represent local residents.

Controversy has already arisen, with ‘PolitIcsUK’ noting that “Niko Omilana” is listed as a candidate in multiple constituencies, despite regulations allowing candidacy in only one. This suggests possible name changes and multiple candidates adopting Omilana’s identity.

Omilana’s entry into the election comes amid a challenging period for Sunak’s Conservative Party. A YouGov poll predicts a dramatic loss of 232 seats for the Conservatives, reducing their presence to 140 MPs, while the Labour Party is projected to win a historic 422 seats.