News 9 March 2020

Ultra-Rare ‘Nintendo PlayStation’ Console Sells For Mad Amount Of Money At Auction

9 March 2020

The only “Nintendo PlayStation” console in the world has been sold for an insane amount of money.

The console was up for auction with Heritage Auctions, where a lucky bidder paid $360,000 (£276,000) for what is said to be the last remaining prototype of the rare gaming device.

The console was the direct result of a collaboration between Nintendo and Sony in the early nineties, which intended to add CD-ROM support to the iconic Super Nintendo console.

However, a day after Sony announced the deal, Nintendo announced they had signed a new deal with Phillips which left Sony to release its own PlayStations console – drastically changing the video game industry in the process.

“People had kind of heard about this story – Nintendo and Sony partnering up to make the next, or the sequel to, the Super Nintendo but,” said the National Videogame Museum’s Conor Clarke. “But nobody really had confirmation that it existed. So it was mythical.”

The journey of the Nintendo PlayStation began when an employee stumbled across the console after buying several boxes of cutlery and plates from his office when his company, Advanta, closed down. 

Olaf Olaffson, who was once a top executive at Sony Computer Entertainment, had worked at Advanta and it is believed the rare console came from his office.

Conor Clarke added: “Finding that object opened up this whole history, this whole story around the Nintendo and Sony partnership – that before then, had been relatively secret.”