Interviews News 20 February 2016
Author: Elle SM

Noisey take a deeper look at gang life in the fifth part of NOISEY Bompton

Author Elle SM
20 February 2016

Gangs may be a part of life in Compton, but that doesn’t mean that gangbangers don’t have the same American Dreams as anyone else. “It’s not for the luxury,” Kendrick Lamar explains. “It’s the circumstances that be. A lot of these cats got kids, man. They don’t want they kids seeing the same lifestyle.”

In the fifth of six segments of NOISEY Bompton, Kendrick’s friend Lil L talks to the team about his plans to get out of gang life and brings them to Trap Kitchen LA- a catering company run by a Piru and a Crip out of a former trap house. We also get some perspective on the social forces like mass incarceration contributing to the neighbourhood environment and get to know the Piru’s on the block.

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