Videos 15 January 2021

Nolay Shares New ‘Kalas’ EP & “Gang S**t” Visuals

15 January 2021

The veteran Nolay has gifted us with a new EP dubbed Kalas, as well as visuals for her song “Gang S**t”.

With a string of releases under her name in 2020, it’s safe to say 2020 was a busy year for Nolay and judging by the release of Kalas, she doesn’t plan on slowing down soon.

Featuring production from the likes of Nicknamez, Mudblood, Zero, Digital Enemies and Damien Alter, Kalas is a solid body of work which allows Nolay to put her much-loved lyrical skills on full display.

When speaking on the project, Nolay said the EP came to life when she “crossroads” in her music career.

“Music went from something that I loved to something that felt like a chore, and something that hurt to participate in,” Nolay explains in a press release.

“But then I met my new manager and his team, and things turned around pretty quickly after that. One minute, I was talking about quitting rap to become an actress and then a few months later, we are six music videos deep with an EP on the way, which I believe is my greatest body of work to date.”

After you’ve seen the video for “Gang S**t” above, listen to Kalas below!