News 18 August 2016
Author: Eje Ibojie

Here’s your guide to this year’s Notting Hill Carnival soundsystems

Author Eje Ibojie
18 August 2016

Taking place on the 27th and 28th of August, Notting Hill Carnival is only a week away, and this year the event boasts 38 static sound systems to be the soundtrack to your weekend.

Unfortunately Rinse FM aren’t dominating with a Grime stage this year, but the stages will still be live and there’s loads of ’em – so you’re sure to find your sound.

Here’s your full-proof list of who to see and where at this year’s Carnival.


Channel One
– for your dose of pure Reggae from a group who’ve been killin’ it since 1979

Location:  On the corner of Leanington Road Villas and Westbourne Park.                                            

GI Roadshow –
A serene place where you’ll hear reggae and soca

Location: Adella Street

Gladdy Wax Roadshow –
 A 40 year old sound system with of the best reggae collections

Location: 304 Portobello Road

High Grade –
This sound system will be playing bass-heavy reggae

Location: corner of Oxford Garden/St Lawrence Terrace

I’Spy –
Appearing at Carnival for the second year in a row

Location: Corner of Southern Row/West Row

Killer Watt –
Played a role in launching So Solid Crew back in the day

Location: St Luke’s Road/Tavistock Road

King Tubby’s –
Boiler room will be broadcasting from the classic spot all day on Monday.

Location: Outside Clylesdale House.

Mansgrove Sounds –
A sound system which has been heavily inspired by Trinidad

Location : 3 All Saints Road

Metro Glory –
Expect to hear some heavy bass with their reggae

Location: Westbourne Park Road/Ledbury Road

People Soundsystem –
A Jamaica-centric soundsystem

Location : 11 All Saints Road

Saxon Sound –
A sound system that has helped many people get their breaks for several years

Location : Chesterton Road/St Lawrence Terrace

Solution Sound System
– A reggae sound system that established themselves well enough to take the prime spot in 2012

Location : Talbot Road/Ledbury Road

Virgo International –
 Keepin’ it family friendly

Location : Oxford Gardens/Portobello Road



The Fun Bunch – Playing the best in R&B, garage and Hip-Hop

Location: Sutherland Place/Talbot Road

Mark Ross Sound System –
R&B, House and funk

Location : Ledbury Road

Mastermind Roadshow – 
Definitely a classic sound system bringing R&B and soul from 1979 onwards

Location : Canal Way

Sir Lloyd  –
R&B and reggae music

Location : Leamington Road Villas



Nasty Love Mixin Lab
– for the best Dancehall and Bashment bangers

Location : Colville Gardens

Platinum Soundsystem –
Dancehall, reggae and jungle songs will be played

Location: Bonchurch Street/Portobello Road

Drum and Bass

CMC Matrix –
perfect place for Drum and Bass fans with a soundsystem that has been experts in pleasing your ears for over 20 years.

Location : All Saint’s Road

Different Strokes –
HipHop, jungle and D&B

Location: On the corner of St Luke’s Road and Lancaster Road



Aba Shanti-I
– Dub and roots all day

Location : On the corner of East Row and Southern Row.

Blackstar Showtime
– Various music genres like dubstep and soca will be played

Location: On the corner of Southern Row and Boswarth Road


Funky house

4 Play –
 Expect to hear Jazz-funk, jungle and funky house being played

Location : West Row/Kensal Road junction

KCC and the rocking crew –
A sound system which has specialised in playing American Funky House since 1991

Location : Worthington Road