Videos 22 January 2022
Author: JK Lamps

NSJ Mali Gets “Active” On Latest Joint

Author JK Lamps
22 January 2022

NSJ Mali starts off 2022 with his first single of the year, “Active”.

Throughout 2021, the young London rapper had been steadily impressing rap listeners with the likes of songs such as “Ether”, “Game Changer” and his One Mic Freestyle here on GRM.

With attention to detail in lyrics complemented with vivid storytelling, NSJ Mali gives the impression that he has been around for years, and he has even received a seal of approval from arguably one of the best lyricists in the UK rap scene, Blanco.

The scene is set in “Active” with dark strings which give a whistle-like feel. Coupled with a vocal sample and skippy rap instrustmental dominated by hi-hats, NSJ Mali gives us a comprehensive overview of his life, with a stand-out line of “if you want your pay, you’ve gotta put a shift in”.

Though obvious, many young people do not know any better and as a result they attempt to earn money from other means. Nevertheless, NSJ Mali stamps his authority in music as he states not to compare him to anyone else as he is in his own lane (“Compare me to him ? Don’t ever do that”).

Check out the audio for “Active” up top and to see NSJ’s video for “Ether”, click here!