News 21 November 2023

Company claims their nutraceutical drink can cure hangovers in 30 minutes

21 November 2023

A pioneering drink touted as the world’s first patented beverage to mitigate hangovers is set to launch just in time for Christmas.

The concoction, named Safety Shot, claims to slash blood alcohol content in half within 30 minutes, promising to sober up consumers within an hour and prevent the dreaded morning-after hangover.

Created in collaboration with a Florida-based doctor, the beverage incorporates vitamins and nootropics, compounds known to enhance cognitive focus.

The drink functions by accelerating alcohol breakdown in the blood and forming a protective shield around the stomach wall, limiting absorption.

This approach aims to reduce alcohol’s impact on the central nervous system, potentially alleviating intoxication-related symptoms such as impaired cognition and sluggish movements.

The product’s mineral and ingredient combination is touted to reduce dehydration, addressing a common aspect of hangovers.

A recent study evaluating Safety Shot revealed promising results, indicating a sevenfold faster reduction in blood alcohol content compared to a control group.

Future plans include the development of a concentrated and prescription version to serve as a detox product for alcohol poisoning.

[Image created via MidJourney]