News 3 September 2016
Author: Alex Griffin

Former NWA manager Jerry Heller has died

3 September 2016

N.W.A.’s former manager Jerry Heller hass died at the age of 76. The officilal cause of death has yet to be confirmed.

He managed the hip-hop super group in the 80’s to huge success, as recently recalled in the Straight Outta Compton film.

Heller began his career sometime in the 1960’s and worked with artists like The Who, Black Sabbath and Van Morrison.

He met Eazy E in 1986, where the pair soon after formed the infamous company Ruthless Records together. Differences would later end their business partnership, but it’s become one of the most storied in hip-hop history.

Eazy E’s released the following statement to Billboard upon hearing new of the death, “Eric “Lil Eazy E” Wright, Jr and the family of Eric “Eazy E” Wright are deeply saddened over the homecoming of Mr. Jerry Heller. 

“Jerry Heller gave the world Eazy-E and N.W.A, and for that, we are forever grateful. Condolences to his family and all his friends. Please respect his family and all the families of the N.W.A members during this time so all may grieve in peace.”