News 21 July 2016
Author: Sam

The Obamas’ top 5 Hip Hop moments

Author Sam
21 July 2016

If you hadn’t noticed, Michelle and Barack rate Hip Hop. Making a break from bygone Presidents (Ronald Reagan we seez ya), the Obamas hold many in the rap community in high regard, and have received appreciative bars in return.

Artists from Young Jeezy to Young Hov have put respec’ on the Obamas name. Maybe that’s because POTUS and FLOTUS have a little of that rap style about them. Here’s their five most hip hop moments.

When Missy Elliot hopped in the backseat of Michelle’s Car Pool Karaoke

James Cordon’s Car Pool Karaoke is known for delivering a celebrified bonanza. Michelle Obama lived up to that by bringing the OG queen of rap through on hers for a song written to promote self-worth in girls. Sick stuff.

When Barack showed love (x3) to Kendrick Lamar

Perhaps owing to the Compton MC’s socially relevant lyricism, Mr. Obama has gone out of his way to pay his dues to Kendrick. He said he’d back K Dot over Drake in a rap battle, named “How Much A Dollar Cost” as his record of 2015, and invited him to perform and discuss mentoring at the White House. Perhaps Barack is shooting for a spot on TDA when he leavea the Oval Office?

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When POTUS backed Common despite the Fox s**t

Obama had the balls to disregard a heap of criticism from Fox News when he invited Common to the White House. The notoriously bigotted media outlet criticised the President for bringing the rapper through, on the basis that he’d once written a song celebrating a ‘cop killer’. As Jon Stewart pointed out, however, their criticism had a not-so-slyly prejudiced edge to it. Obama paid no mind and entertained Common anyway. Power move.

When Obama got, that, dirt off his shoulder

Back in Barack’s Yes We Can days, he cheekily paid tribute to Jay-Z as he got a little dirt off his shoulder at a campaign rally, to rapturous applause. He also celebrated the support he received from Jay and Diddy.


When Barack went 8 Mile on Donald Trump

Lastly, Obama has sent a few lyrical jabs at opponents that would not sound out of place in a rap battle (#obamaforlordofthemics?). The best of these – probably because he’s a complete twat – were shots directed at Donald Trump, or ‘The Donald’. Barack destroyed the wannabe President – twice! He pried on the stupidity of many if his claims, while Donald pulled one of those desperate hidden-fury smiles. Yes, yes Barack!

And there you have it, five top moments from the most Hip-Hop POTUS and FLOTUS yet.