Videos 3 February 2022
Author: Courtney W

Obongjayar Teases Debut Album With Majestic “Try” Visuals

3 February 2022

Nigerian-born, London-based artist Obongjayar has announced his debut album with visuals for his brand-new single, “Try”.

Teaming up with director Spencer Young, Obongjayar presents us with a majestic set of visuals for this song; combining a theatrical setting with traditional African storytelling.

“When you’re a child, there are so many possibilities,” Obongjayar explains. “You can be a pilot or an astronaut, it’s all so possible. By the time you turn twenty, you realise you’re probably not going to become a brain surgeon; reality starts to set in.

“That’s what the song and this record is about; where do those feelings go? At what point do we lose our innocence, our wide-eyed approach to the world?”

“Try” is the second single to be released from Obongjayar’s upcoming debut album, Some Nights I Dream Of Doors, following the release of “Message In A Hammer” in October.

Catch the video for “Try” above!