Videos 11 November 2021
Author: Luke Forte

OFB’s Akz Comes Through With New Heater “Trust”

Author Luke Forte
11 November 2021

Continuing to climb the ranks, OFB’s Akz only seems to push the bar higher with every release, providing some cold sounds on “Trust”.

This tune showcases the artist gliding across a greazy Don Dilligent x 27 Trax production riddled with a multitude off melodic plucks and eerie choir Vox’s, accompanied by a potent drum pattern layered with erratic hi-hats, echoing percs and a muddy 808 sequence that Akz thrives upon.

This number see’s Akz touching base on a few topics from the usual; girls, luxuries and past confrontations but predominantly focuses on, as the title suggests, the faith he puts in only a mere number of things.

Wrapping this one up, Akz turns to industry go-to Toxic to bring this one to life; seeing the OFB youngster putting on a lavish display from scene to scene. He’s presented gliding in a blacked-out lambo truck casually reciting the potent soundscape, to stepping the London strip in a full blue Celine tracksuit alongside his OFB chain swinging from the neck.

Make sure to take in “Trust” above!