News 29 March 2023

Ofcom set to police Netflix, Disney+ & Prime Video with new government bill

29 March 2023

The UK government have formulated a new draft of their Media Bill that will affect streaming services and their users.

The pending change to the rules will see Ofcom begin to regulate platforms like Netflix, Disney+ and Prime Video to “protect audiences from a wider range of harmful material – such as misleading health claims,” as per a government press release.

Ofcom is the existing broadcasting and media watchdog, but this amendment will encompass streaming services as the landscape of how people – particularly those aged 16-24 – consume content changes.

Culture Minister Lucy Frazer said, “Technology has revolutionised the way people enjoy TV and radio. The battle to attract and retain audiences has never been more fierce.

“British content and production is world leading but changes to viewing habits have put traditional broadcasters under unprecedented pressure. These new laws will level the playing field with global streaming giants, ensuring they meet the same high standards we expect from public service broadcasters and that services like iPlayer and ITVX are easy to find however you watch TV.”

While the change hasn’t been confirmed just yet, Ofcom look set to take the reins soon.

[Image via Shutterstock]